Is your website out of date? Much like other technology, websites can become outdated in as little as 2 years. Keeping your website up to date has many perks for your business.

1) Refresh Your Look

You’ll get an opportunity to take everything you love about your favorite websites and mix it with your own ideas and branding. Breathing new life into your website can take it to a new level for your business.

2) Better Web Security

Having reliable web security is critical for any website. Keeping your website up to date ensures that the security software is equipped to take on current cyber threats.

3) Ensure Your Content is Up-to-Date

The content on your website may have run its course, and this is a great opportunity to update it into something fresh and new.

4) Roll Out New Offerings

What better time to announce new offerings then when you’re already releasing something brand new? This is a great opportunity for your marketing team to hype up your new website as well as a special new offer that benefits your customers.

5) Harness the Power to Easily Customize Your Own Website

Editing your own website, particularly in WordPress, gives you the power to take control. Keeping your website updated ensures that you are using the most user-friendly back-end so that editing content, photos, and more is easier than ever.

6) More Plugins for Custom Functionality

Plugins are constantly updated by developers using customer and user feedback, so you have more options to add special functionality to your website. Take this opportunity to see if your current plugins need an update or if there are new plugins to add to your site.

7) Design According to Market Trends That Help Generate Business

Using trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience Design (UX), your website can be updated to implement proven methods of generating new business.

Because websites are often where customers have their first impression, having an outdated website can hurt any business. Not sure where your website stands? Contact our web team today for a free website consultation.