AtNetPlus, Inc., a leader in predictable cost IT services, today announced that the firm was chosen as a recipient of a second consecutive NEO Success Award. Winners were announced at the recent annual awards luncheon, which highlighted companies in Northeast Ohio that have grown revenue and/or added employees over the past three years.

At the event, 76 organizations representing the most successful companies in the area were honored by Inside Business magazine for their achievements. On average, from 2008 through 2010, these companies attained 11% revenue growth and 7.5% employee growth. In 2010, they brought in over $33 billion in revenue and employed over 87,000 people. AtNetPlus was one of only 14 businesses from Summit County to be acknowledged this year.

Inside Business Publisher Frank Bird said, “We are delighted to acknowledge the success of companies in the region. The NEO Success awards measure the total impact that organizations like AtNetPlus have on the community. From revenue growth and job creation to profitability, AtNetPlus and other companies like them are a catalyst for economic development in Northeast Ohio.”

AtNetPlus Partner Jim Laber noted, “It’s good to once again be a part of such a positive event. Businesses in the area have a strong commitment toward making northeast Ohio a better place to live and work. When organizations like Inside Business recognize them it helps to promote confidence in the future of the region. We are excited to be included in this remarkable group of companies.”

AtNetPlus, Inc., the area leader in predictable cost IT services, today announced that the firm was chosen as the Best IT Services Company at the NEOSA Best of Tech awards ceremony. The annual awards dinner selects the best technology companies in Northeast Ohio in five categories: Internship Program, Software Product, Emerging Company, Mobile App, and IT Services.

This year the event was held at the Legends Club at Cleveland Browns Stadium and was the highlight of NEOSA Tech Week 2011. NEOSA, the COSE Technology Network has nearly 900 members and works to promote the expansion of the IT industry and technology community in the region. Over 150 people representing a versatile group of companies attended the ceremony.

NEOSA Executive Director Brad Nellis noted, “AtNetPlus was a clear stand out as a leader in the Best IT Services Company category this year from a very strong group of contenders that included Pantek and Devore Technologies as finalists. Northeast Ohio is fortunate to have such a strong and diverse technical community. We have many SMBs such as AtNetPlus working to bring economic development and new opportunities to the area.”

AtNetPlus Partner Jim Laber said, “This award is about the team. My business partner, Jay Mellon and I are proud of our staff. Their hard work and dedication to our clients is inspiring. It is an honor to work with them and we are pleased to be among the companies recognized by NEOSA this year.”