Crain’s Cleveland Business and The Entrepreneurs EDGE recognize top performing, mid-market firms in northeast Ohio.

Leading Information Technology company, AtNetPlus, Inc. today announced that the firm was chosen as a recipient of the Crain’s Leading Edge Award. Winners were recently recognized at the third annual awards ceremony.

At the event, ninety-six of the top companies that create the most value for themselves as well as for the community were honored. These organizations, which operate in a 17 county region of northeast Ohio were identified based on their EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) added to taxable employee compensation, a calculation used to determine the value nominated companies contribute to the region.

“Companies like AtNetPlus play a major role in our regional economy in many ways,” said D. Kirk Neiswander, President of The Entrepreneurs EDGE. He continued, “For example, in 2008, 50 of these companies spun off 25 new businesses. Forty-eight companies averaged two new services which contributed about 9% of revenue. Fifty-three companies averaged two new process improvements that saved them an average of $341,000.”

Neiswander also stated, “The impact of these middle-market companies extends to the vendors that they purchase from. Each company spends on average $4.0 million with local vendors. Imagine the collective impact of over 2000 of these types of companies in our Northeast Ohio area!”

AtNetPlus Partner, Jay Mellon noted, “This award is a significant achievement for us. The Entrepreneurs Edge uses hard data to reach an unbiased result. That kind of recognition is particularly gratifying.””

“Especially in the IT industry, innovation is the key to success. We are constantly striving to offer appropriate applications of the latest technology for our clients. Our job is not just to bring the next advancement to market but to provide it in a context that meet the needs, expectations, and budget of our clients,” Mellon said.

Mellon concluded, “Our growth is tied to the economic development of the region. The commitment we see to expanding the market from organizations such as The Entrepreneurs EDGE is encouraging. We are especially pleased to be counted among the impressive list of companies they honored this year.”