AtNetPlus To Help Small Businesses Find Economical, Green and Secure Disposal Solutions

Leading northeast Ohio information technology firm AtNetPlus, Inc. today announced that they will join with e-Waste, Neoshred, Summit/Akron Solid Waste Authority and others to bring a „Secure and Green Business Event? to local companies on September 10, 2008. The event is designed help small businesses take advantage of economical, secure, and ecologically sound methods for the disposal of unwanted documents, computer media, and computer equipment.

In addition, AtNetPlus will provide information on ways to maintain a secure computer system while minimizing power consumption. For example, virtual networks, remote monitoring, and properly sized power backup equipment can all work together to create a more efficient network configuration.

“The idea for this event evolved from discussions about how we all hear a lot on how consumers and very large corporations need to protect confidential data and the same audiences are given a lot of advice on protecting the environment, but very little is geared specifically to small and mid-sized businesses,” noted Jay Mellon, Partner. Mellon continued, “AtNetPlus has always been very aware of the security issues our clients face. With newer technologies such as virtual servers, we can offer cost effective alternatives that are secure and lower the carbon footprint at the same time.”

“When we suggested the idea to e-Waste, Neoshred and Summit/Akron Solid Waste Authority they were all eager to join together to help raise awareness among local companies. We decided this event would be a great way to end the summer,” Mellon concluded.

Neoshred and e-Waste will have trucks on hand to accept unwanted documents and equipment for free disposal during the event. Local business owners and managers can bring in up to 7 file boxes of documents and computer media such as backup tapes, diskettes, CDs and DVDs to Neoshred. e-Waste will accept up to 1 pick-up truck sized load of computer equipment at the event. Both companies will securely destroy and recycle these materials. There will be no charge for either of these services at the event. Their trucks will be on-site for pickup from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Details about the event and a list of acceptable materials can be found at Anyone planning to attend is encouraged to register at

Event Details
Security Cookout – A Secure and Green Business Event
Date: September 10, 2008
Time: 4:00 – 7:00 pm
AtNetPlus, Inc.
1000 Campus Drive, Suite 700
Stow, OH 44224
(330) 945-5695
We are located near the intersection of Commerce Drive and Hudson Drive in Stow.