AtNetPlus launches IT Tip of the Day via Twitter

AtNetPlus launches IT Tip of the Day via Twitter

AtNetPlus, a leader in predictable cost IT services, announced the launch of their “#IT_Tip of the Day via Twitter.” Each #IT_Tip can be used by businesses users to help improve the functionality of technology in their everyday lives. Over time, implementing these suggestions will result in improved IT efficiencies within SMBs.

“As an IT provider, we are always looking for ways to use current technology trends to benefit our company and our customers,” noted Partner Jay Mellon. He continued, “We feel that Social Media tools like Twitter provide us with a quick way to share simple tips and basic information to small business users. Often little things that an IT guy takes for granted are not so obvious to everyone else. We’re trying to make technology easier to use. We plan to cover a variety of topics so that there is something useful for everyone.”

An #IT_Tip is released every weekday at 9 am and the experts at AtNetPlus come up with each of them based on a pre-determined weekly topic. They have already covered Virus Prevention, and Cloud Computing. This week they’re making suggestions on Spring Cleaning for your PC – #SpringCleanPC. Future themes include Mobile Websites, Google Analytics, email, backup, IT budgeting, and Social Media.

Mellon concluded, “Twitter users can be overwhelmed by the large number of links and useless tweets. When we came up with this idea, we wanted to replace those with practical information. So we’re passing on our expertise in 140 characters or less to anyone that want to follow us.”

Follow us on Twitter: @atnetplus. If you want to read our past Tips, conduct a Twitter search for #IT_TIP.

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