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“Backup your computer.” You hear it all of the time. Whether it is your home desktop, laptop, business computer, or server – backing up ensures that you’re important data and information is saved and available if something were to happen to your computer system.  With the recent rise of viruses that can encrypt or delete your critical business data, the need for fast reliable backup solutions have never been more important.

Formerly, the most affordable option available for a business environment was a tape drive and backup tapes. Monotonous and time consuming, backup tapes are a hassle and they often fail when you need them most. A relatively new alternative which is becoming more popular is online backup. Many national providers have popped up offering this service. For personal use, they can be very handy and affordable. However, in the business world, there are some issues with using some of these providers that business owners/managers need to consider before relying on them to save your company after a critical data loss.

First and foremost, you may not always be certain that your backup is saving all of the data you need. In some cases, by default the only data these providers backup is the information saved to ‘My Documents.’ In addition, in order to ensure that server email and databases are backed up you must use the “professional” or “business” version of these products.

Next, there can be issues with restoring the backed up data in a reasonable time frame. Pulling large amounts of your data across the internet can take many, many hours. For businesses, the delay can cause significant downtime and cost more than you are willing to pay. Even if you opt to have a hard drive with all of your data shipped to your business, it still takes a considerable amount of time for that data to arrive and then more time will have to be spent restoring it to your system. Not to mention that you might not have the expertise necessary to complete the restore. Think about the consequences of having your entire staff idle for hours, or in some cases days.

So if backup tapes aren’t dependable, and online backup with a national provider is unreliable, what other options do you have?  AtNetPlus, can supply you with reliable, affordable online backup solutions. Not only can you be sure that your data will be properly backed up but working with a local service provider gives you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that a real person is available to help you when you need it most.

Don’t leave the success or failure of your business in the hands of a faceless, national provider.

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Start Using Backup Solutions Today!
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