As a small business, a website can be one of the most powerful tools for generating leads and providing information to your customers and prospects. However, the responsibility to keep your visitors safe should not be taken lightly in the face of today’s cyber threats.

Cloud Proxies help keep your website secure and block attacks to your website as well as secure any sensitive data that is collected.


What is the Benefit of a Cloud Proxy?

Adding a Cloud Proxy (Website Firewall) can benefit your business’s site in many ways:

  • Blocks websites from serious threats such as DoS (Denial of Service) Attacks
  • Blocks bots and spam that clutter and slow down your website
  • Blocks backdoor access that hackers can use to infiltrate your website
  • Optimizes your site for better performance and speed

A Cloud Proxy is essential to keep your customers and their sensitive information safe. Having a hacked website may cause customers to lose trust in your business, and the damage may be irreversible if any confidential information is compromised.


Innovative Features and Reporting

Our Cloud Proxy offering goes deeper than protecting your website – we also offer reports that outline exactly what the firewall is doing for your website.

This graph outlines the biggest threats to your website. Without the protection of a Cloud Proxy, these attempts could have been successful.





These graphs represent the average traffic per hour broken down by location of each visitor. This can help pinpoint where the bulk of your traffic, or blocked attempts, are coming from.



This basic overview gives a plain value of how many visits the Cloud Proxy has allowed and how many it’s blocked for the month.



Keep Your Website Safe from Cyber-Attacks

We fully support the movement for greater security on the web and encourage all businesses to follow best practices.

Our clients have had nothing but positive experiences taking this step, and though your site can’t be impenetrable, these firewalls make a substantial impact.

We are offering Cloud Proxies to our clients at affordable prices to help web security be within reach for any business.

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