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AtNetPlus not only provides IT solutions to businesses, but it also strives to bring its employees together to achieve the company’s goals. One of the ways we do that is working hard to promote a positive culture. We happen to think that the team we have is pretty great, and we want to offer a glimpse inside AtNetPlus!

Tradition for New Employees

We have a tradition that helps welcome new employees into the company known as the Giraffe. The Giraffe is a wooden statue that has been passed from one new employee to another – each person adding their own unique touch or decoration to it. Whether a necklace or a raisin box, each piece adds personality to a once-plain statue. The rule of the Giraffe is that the new person must keep the statue on their desk until the next new person joins the team.

The tradition was born when we moved into our new office over ten years ago and needed some items to spruce up the place.  Along with several other items, the Giraffe found a new home with us.  However, no one could decide where it should go, so it ended up on the desk of the newest team member at the time, who soon put a pair sunglasses on it. Shortly after, when a new person joined the organization, the statue would get passed along to allow them to make their mark. What started as a curious office decoration has resulted in a long-lasting tradition that still makes everyone smile.

Now, the Giraffe isn’t just a regular old knick-knack – it represents the unique contributions that each person makes to the organization. With each new item added, a small part of each person’s personality is able to shine through. This silly statue has helped bring together employees both old and new, which is why it’s an important tradition that helps to make AtNetPlus a closer work family.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

We are very lucky to have a group of people who feel more like a family than co-workers. Thank you to our whole team who make AtNetPlus a better place!

AtNetPlus Giraffe