Leading Information Technology company, AtNetPlus today announced that they recently hosted US Representative, Steven LaTourette (R-OH), at their Campus Drive offices.

The Congressman met with Owners, Jim Laber and Jay Mellon, and their guests: Stow Mayor, Karen Fritschel and Jack Juron, Vice President of Albrecht Incorporated. The group discussed several issues facing small businesses in the northeast Ohio. Of particular concern to AtNetPlus is finding ways to fund the continued growth of the company in the tight economy and finding ways to bring highly trained technicians back to the area.

Mellon stated, “We can pay the salary commanded by a person with these skill sets, but we cannot offer the relocation reimbursement that they have come to expect as part of an employment package.” Mellon continued, “We have had an IT Specialist and an Applications Developer position open for several months. We can compete with bigger corporations on salary and benefits but we don’t have the resources for relocation reimbursement and that can sometimes be an obstacle to getting the people we need.”

Congressman LaTourette offered to provide AtNetPlus with a list of programs currently in place to help small businesses with these issues. He noted, “Small businesses are the economic engine of the U.S. economy, and that’s why it is so vital for me to visit companies like AtNetPlus to see how the federal government can help them grow.”

Mellon concluded, “We appreciate the time the Congressman spent with us. As a small business, it’s important to know that our Representative in Washington is listening to his constituents. Billion dollar bailouts make the news but small businesses help drive the economy and it is reassuring to know that Congressman LaTourette is concerned about our needs as well.”