The recent cybercrime on Colonial Pipeline (gas) in addition to the Exchange vulnerability being exploited by a Chinese espionage group has many feeling the serious reality of today’s cyberthreats.

The nature of these hackers holding American businesses hostage with costly ransomware and the international component surrounding the recent, strategic attacks have pushed the FBI to the extent of declaring cybercrime in line with terrorism due to the devastation of American businesses. They are pushing companies of all sizes to be compliant with cybersecurity practices and active in their efforts as the threat is becoming more serious every day. Because attacks can vary from blanket attempts that cast a large net to find any vulnerability in a scan of millions of machines to extremely targeted and personalized attacks, it’s not safe to say that your business is “too small” to be affected.

Statement from the FBI 

A powerful statement from FBI Director Christopher Wray explains “There’s a shared responsibility, not just across government agencies but across the private sector and even the average American. Now realizing it can affect them when they’re buying gas at the pump or buying a hamburger – I think there’s a growing awareness now of just how much we’re all in this fight together.” This perfectly illustrates the severity of the threat that cybercrime and ransomware pose to not only businesses but to individuals. That is why the current administration is starting to prioritize cybercrime in line with terrorism due to the damaging blows being dealt to businesses of all sizes.

FBI “House Calls” on Small Businesses 

In an unusual turn of events, it has been reported by several businesses in Northeast Ohio that the FBI has recently made “house calls” on businesses that have been affected by the latest Windows Exchange Vulnerability. While a more focused effort from our government to take cyberthreats seriously is a vital maneuver, businesses are struggling to explain to their employees and clients why the FBI is showing up at their front door without raising some red flags.

What You Can Do NOW

We strongly advise working with your IT provider to ensure that your business is not put in a dicey situation due to a security vulnerability – whether from an expensive ransomware attack or a visit from the FBI. Though a deeper look into the network is necessary to get the whole picture, some things your business can do now to improve cybersecurity are:

  • Enable MFA on all systems that support it
  • Employee education and handouts
  • Phishing training

No need to feel worried… we can scan your network for free:

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