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Unemployment Scam & Identities Being Stolen from Fake Stimulus Outreach

Fake Stimulus Relief Outreach (Email & Texts) The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is trying to spread awareness about an incredibly serious scam that is targeting Ohio residents. Many are falling victim to phishing emails or texts that appear to be 100% legitimate messages gathering information for stimulus relief or unemployment benefits; however, these messages are almost indistinguishable from the real messages coming from these agencies which leave victims completely unaware that ...

Real Facts: How Working from Home Has Impacted Local Businesses

There have been various “projections” published recently about the state of small businesses, but instead of relying on assumptions, we figured the best way to get the pulse on how our local SMBs were doing… was to ask them! We recently surveyed our customer base containing businesses of varying sizes and verticals to get real-world feedback on how working remotely has impacted their business, challenges they’ve faced, and if working remotely will be ...

7 Reasons Why Home Networks Are Getting Hacked

With many people shifting to working from home at the drop of a dime without realizing that this would end up being a much more long-term scenario, some inevitable weak spots have surfaced that cyber criminals are not blind to. One main network is now separated into multiple smaller "office" networks which increases the complexity and need to be proactive around security. Because this no longer is a temporary "let's just make it through" ...

Utilizing Tools to Collaborate Better from Home – The Perfect Time to Try Microsoft Teams

With a much higher percentage of businesses currently working remotely, the need for streamlined communication between team members is at an all-time high. Since some business haven’t had to face this obstacle until now, the searches for the best collaboration tool have skyrocketed. An astonishing visual provided by Google Search shows a keyword search history for both Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting which have spiked an unbelievable amount in the past month: ...


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