Managed Detection & Response (MDR) uses behavior-based Artificial Intelligence software to offer advanced network protection that was never possible with antivirus alone. These solutions paired together now offer incredibly effective (and affordable) security for your business.

What is it?

The MDR platform is an agent that is deployed on endpoints within the network that will begin to gather user and entity behaviors in order to determine when there is suspicious activity within the network.

Example: If in the middle of the night it appears that one of your users is trying repeatedly to log into your Accounting software, especially if it is a user that shouldn’t be accessing this information, the software will either flag the behavior or stop it entirely.

MDR doesn’t stop at gathering information – the data is monitored around the clock by a team of cybersecurity professionals in a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). Over time, this team will learn your environment to better detect and analyze advanced threat patterns and alert clients when threats are identified.

What does it do?

Threat Detection:

  • Superior threat detection that is tested by past-life hackers
  • Detection of anomalies in activity, advanced threats, lateral movements, unusual privilege escalation, PowerShell injections, and more

Rapid Response:

  • Automated response features for incident responses
  • Accelerates investigation and remediation by the 24/7 monitoring team

Dashboard & Metrics:

  • Continuously collecting, recording, and storing endpoint data to give you surveillance-like visibility

Deception Technology:

  • Proactive detection, device monitoring, and blocking of malware and any day-zero exploits
  • Detects honeypots and decoys

Why does this matter?

MDR provides the information needed to actually take action, whether this is you as a business owner or your Managed Service Provider. The metrics give you everything you need to identify behavior patterns, threats within your network, and possible dangerous trends on the horizon. It is crucial to discover suspicious activity early before it becomes a real problem because often times ransomware can be dormant within a network for months before ever becoming a real issue.

Are you ready to effectively stop threats in their tracks? Our partnership with Binary Defense allows us to offer MDR services to our clients and ensure that necessary steps are being taken to keep them protected.

Does MDR make sense for your business? We can advise you: 

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