Greg’s passion for technology started early, thanks to a deal with a friend. Greg knew how to play guitar and his friend wanted to learn how to play. At the same time, Greg’s friend had a Commodore 64 computer that Greg wanted to learn how to use. They taught each other and from that point on, Greg’s passion for technology was sparked. At one point in his life, he even wrote a game in the programming language, Pascal.

His interest in technology kept growing and Greg would eventually pursue business and technology in college. He started his career as an AS400 operator and would grow into many different types of roles, including help desk, engineer, and management positions. Although he has worked for a variety of companies, Greg found that he enjoyed working with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) the most. This led him to join the AtNetPlus team in September 2015 as the Director of Client Solutions.

A Northeast Ohio native, Greg loves spending time with his wife, kids, and Corgi. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys both listening to and playing music.

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