Microsoft’s “Creators Update” is on the horizon with some big changes to Windows 10. The new features have many enhancements for your business, however it’s critical to implement this new update correctly to experience minimal downtime.

Impact to Your Business

Here are a few things to know about Windows updates:

  • According to Microsoft, there are 400 million Windows 10 devices. Any update this large will take time – not everyone will receive this update at once.
  • Any updates should be tested first on business-critical software and equipment with a current backup in place. Updates can impact software that could cause issues with POS, ERP, or other vital business systems.
  • Enterprise clients can delay a roll-out of the update for up to 4 months. It’s important to utilize this time to ensure that this update works properly for your business.
  • Since these updates are so large, it could impact your Internet connection.

Look to a Microsoft Partner for Guidance

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, we want to help your business have the smoothest transition possible.

Because these updates have been known to create network connectivity issues and problems interacting with your current applications, we want to optimize your experience for minimal downtime.

New Features of the “Creators Update”

Rolling out in April 11th, 2017, this new Windows update will pack a punch that many businesses have been looking for.

New Security Center

The new Security Center dashboard will be the central place to monitor your workstation’s overall health and performance. As well as adding the monitoring capabilities, this feature also helps to patch previous security issues.



Dynamic Locking

The new Dynamic Locking feature will add an extra failsafe to keep your workstation secure. When enabled, this will automatically lock your computer if a paired device, such as a phone or tablet, isn’t within a detectable range.



Interface Updates

Though the changes are minor, the Windows 10 interface is getting a facelift in this new update. Microsoft’s goal is to continue to move towards a sleek, modern look that organizes applications in the taskbar in a user-friendly way.


An image leak from Tom Hounsell of Buildfeed gives a clearer preview of how the interface will look.

Improvements for Edge Browser

Microsoft is making strides to push Edge as the go-to browser for Windows users by continuing to implement customer feedback and security updates.

New Creative Features

The most pivotal pieces of the Windows Creators Update are the various improvements to the creative applications of the system. Some of these features include:

  • 3D Modeling and Digital Painting
  • Printing 3D creations to 3D Printers
  • Holographic interface for Virtual Reality Capabilities
  • eBooks Purchasing Available

Let Us Help You Upgrade

We want to help you navigate through roadblocks that accompany these large updates to keep the process headache-free for your business.

Assistance with this roll out is complementary to our Managed Clients, and we will happily walk any business through the proper update protocol.

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