How often do you really think that your work day will be anything but “the usual”?

What would happen if you were to log into your work computer like any typical day… and you notice that all your files are gone. 

Or worse… your system has been infected with malware that is already making its way through the entire network. Not only are you stressed and unable to work, but you may have lost all of your files from the past few days, weeks, or even YEARS. Plus in a critical situation, a hacker could have obtained all of your passwords and sensitive information which makes recovery that much harder.

Maybe the most shocking part of this scenario is that having a brand new computer and antivirus doesn’t necessarily protect you.

That is because the age of your other network equipment can have a huge impact on your overall security. Did you know that there is likely a closet it your building that houses devices that store all of your company’s data and keep the network secure? This equipment that is often literally kept behind closed doors needs to be a part of the technology plan to reduce the risk of data breaches and other critical issues.

That is why we encourage a proactive approach to life cycle management of all the devices in your network. An old and outdated switch or server not only is much more likely to fail but is also much less secure. This introduces risk to every person and piece of data connected to the network. Don’t wait for something bad to happen to be more aware of the state of your technology.

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