There have been various “projections” published recently about the state of small businesses, but instead of relying on assumptions, we figured the best way to get the pulse on how our local SMBs were doing… was to ask them!

We recently surveyed our customer base containing businesses of varying sizes and verticals to get real-world feedback on how working remotely has impacted their business, challenges they’ve faced, and if working remotely will be a part of their long-term business plan.

One of the most profound impacts of the pandemic is the idea that working remotely will now be a permanent part of businesses’ operations moving forward. Based on the survey results, there has been a 36% increase in businesses that plan to use the “work from home” model moving forward. 

Will working from home be a part of your long-term business plan?

While advancements in technology make this a convenient and flexible option for more businesses then ever before, it’s important to realize that splitting up your office network into small, separate networks adds new complexity that cannot be overlooked from a cybersecurity perspective. It is critical to have a process in place to manage what are now essentially “new branches” of your business with potential weak spots and unreliable hardware.

Are you concerned about home environments having reliable internet and secure connectivity?

Do you worry about your remote staff remaining productive throughout the day?

We asked some open-ended questions to get the most open feedback, and here are some of the most common struggles businesses have faced while working from home:

  • Employee Communication
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • “Paper Processes”
  • Lack of Equipment
  • Work-Life Balance

Thankfully, businesses’ reliance on technology over the years means that there is no shortage of applications, devices, and best practices that help to alleviate some of the “pain” around these items.

We understand that you may not know where to start, but that is what we are here to help with! If you want to have a no-obligation conversation to see how you can tackle the challenges of working from home, contact us today.

Are you worried about productivity, connectivity, or security while your employees work from home?

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