Phishing emails are continuing to evolve in an attempt to stay ahead of those who are becoming more aware of email scams. Unfortunately, you can put yourself and your company at risk if you don’t stay educated on today’s email threats.

It’s becoming more common knowledge that messages with suspicious looking links (especially that are asking for passwords or banking information) are likely scams, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop there.

Trust Your Instincts

Like many things, learning to trust your gut when you see something suspicious is a great first step to protecting yourself. Though many scams today are well disguised (even to the extent of being from an email address you regularly contact), being alert enough to question an email can stop a scammer in its tracks.

Immediate Red Flags

  • The Links Look Suspicious
    • Contains misspellings
    • A long string of jumbled numbers and letters
    • Doesn’t seem related at all to the sender
  • You Don’t Know the Sender
    • If you’re not expecting an email from someone or don’t trust the sender, be wary
  • You Know the Sender but They’re Acting Suspicious
    • Emails can be compromised and if the person seems to be acting out of character, be sure to confirm with them in person or on the phone
  • Spelling or Grammar is Noticeably Off
    • It’s very unlikely that a professional contact will send out a long message riddled with grammar problems and misspellings
  • They’re Asking You to Do Something You Didn’t Request
    • If they’re asking you to take action, especially around money or sensitive information, be extremely cautious
  • Someone is Threatening You
    • Unfortunately, scammers often use scare tactics to trick people into doing what they ask. If an email makes you uneasy, contact your IT Provider or in some case go directly to the authorities

If you’re unsure, DON’T CLICK AND ASK! We offer End-User Security Awareness Training to keep you and your employees ahead of today’s email threats. Contact us today for more information:

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