We all know the big guys: Netflix, Blue Apron, Amazon Prime… but what’s unique about the trend of subscription-based offerings is that it extends seamlessly across both products and services.

The entire economy is shifting to accommodate what consumers want: convenience and predictability.

While there’s nothing quite like feeling of getting groceries delivered to your door, there are also many benefits that this model can offer to your business.

Especially for mid-sized businesses, the ability to budget and prepare finances in advance can be critical. That is arguably one of the biggest benefits from subscribing to these services is that you know everything that you’re getting under a consistent monthly fee.

Even in technology, the industry has been moving towards the Managed Services model over the past few years in order to offer all of the necessary IT Services under one monthly fee.

This is important to us especially as we serve small to mid-sized businesses because it allows for preventative monitoring and maintenance, protection against the latest cybersecurity threats, and helpdesk services to all be bundled into an all-inclusive strategy that covers all of a business’s important IT needs. This creates a healthy cycle of proactive attention that ultimately reduces downtime and enhances network security.

With a more consistent relationship established, subscription services can be extremely beneficial for both the business and the consumer. The economy is evolving to adapt to this model, and it may be beneficial for your business to strategize your own monthly service offering for your products or services.

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