Hi, I’m Ken Babby Owner of the Akron Rubber Ducks, and I’m here today to talk about my friends at AtNetPlus. We’re so fortunate here at Canal Park to have AtNetPlus managing all aspects of our technology. They came into our organization 2-3 years ago and have really changed the way that we approached working both administratively with technology and the experience for our fans, as well. They keep us safe, they keep us secure, but more importantly they’re just an absolute pleasure to deal with. They take the time to describe problems as they come up, make recommendations on compliance, security, and network enhancements, and they work hand in hand with each of our employees to take the time to educate them on what we need to be able to be a better organization. Technology is not a simple thing – we are not in the technology business, but we have a partner that’s truly hand in hand in working with us in every aspect of the business which allows us to focus our time where it should be spent: filling Canal Park with amazing fans. So, it’s a pleasure to have them, and we’re honored to work with them.

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