Our company has experienced fast growth the past ten years — going from six employees to almost 200. About five years ago I realized it was necessary for us to partner up with a company that could handle all our IT needs — and keep us on the cutting edge. AtNetPlus has done a great job growing our IT footprint — and they have allowed us to concentrate on doing things we do best — like running and growing our business — as opposed to trying to be experts in things we really don’t know anything about — like IT.

We picked AtNetPlus because they showed a deep commitment to understanding their partners needs — and they are a large enough company to continue to handle our IT business as we grow bigger and bigger. We had used “one or two man” IT providers before — and ultimately these didn’t work out due to employees leaving, not enough manpower, or other issues common to small operations.

AtNetPlus is large enough to handle all our IT needs — yet small enough where I can call any of the top executives and get them on the phone immediately. I would recommend AtNetPlus to anyone who is serious about handling their IT needs in a responsible manner.