We initially contacted AtNetPlus following an IT system failure. We were able to recover with the assistance of a local IT business. However, we were in search of an organization that would provide us with comprehensive support and a plan that would help to ensure that the IT side of our operations was sound.

After meeting with us, conducting a site visit of our agency and obtaining information on our organization, AtNetPlus essentially prepared a report that summarized their recommendations and provided us with an implementation plan that could completed in phases to minimize the budgetary impact of our agency. The time and effort that AtNetPlus spent preparing a plan that was tailored to meet our organization’s unique needs and the manner in which the material was presented provided me with all the evidence I needed to know that, with the support of AtNetPlus, we would meet our goal.

AtNetPlus has provided us with ongoing support from a staff of very competent and capable professionals. The team is very responsive regardless of the scope or size of the project. Having access to the services and professionals of AtNetPlus has allowed us to work more efficiently and confidently without the concerns of technology issues or the barriers we faced in the past as we attempted to further our mission in an environment that continues to become increasingly driven by technology.