I couldn’t be happier in my experiences working with AtNetPlus. Their overall experience, confidence and technical ability paired with the human element exhibited by their responsive staff provides a remarkable level of reliability rarely found within the IT field.

I first met Jay during my tenure as Mayor of the City of Green, at a time when we were looking for a service provider to help with the city’s and local school’s technological needs. We searched for a provider that had both high-quality staff and leadership, and more importantly people who can interact well with those of us unknowledgeable about technology. To that end, AtNetPlus delivered.

More recently in my role as Interim President & CEO of the Greater Akron Chamber, the move to AtNetPlus again proved to be fruitful. As a wise leader knows, there’s a variety of needs when running a successful organization. When it became apparent to me that AtNetPlus was the right service provider for the GAC, they executed a smooth transition.  It’s common to have concerns when changing long-standing procedures and it can be hard and uncomfortable for any organization. When implementing their services, AtNetPlus ensured a smooth transition by routinely exemplifying that communication is key.

Our account manager and AtNetPlus staff have done a terrific job introducing themselves to our team. They performed a thorough onboarding process that successfully minimized concerns and anxieties from our team during the transition.  As our service provider, I rely on them to educate me as my trusted advisor(s) and technical consultant(s).  So far, AtNetPlus has been just that.  I truly value the reputation of and relationship I have with AtNetPlus and look forward to continuing to work with them.