It’s hard to go a day without reading or hearing about a big-name company or government agency being hacked and their critical data being compromised. What doesn’t get as much media coverage is that most of the attacks happen to small firms. It is within these smaller companies and local governments, where a most of the cybercrime is occurring.

What any business, but especially small businesses, need to be aware of are cyber-attacks that can disable your operations, disrupt customer interaction, or breach your customer’s personal data. Contrary to what one might expect, smaller firms are far more likely to be targets of hackers than large firms. They also tend to have less sophisticated security measures in place.

Any company’s existence can be threatened by these events, but smaller firms are often unable to rebuild after a major breach. Studies show that customers are less forgiving of smaller firms than larger ones when their personal data has been compromised. The lesson here is that smaller firms are more vulnerable and need to be extremely vigilant in matters of security and cybersecurity.

So what can you do to protect your small business?

Work with a managed service provider to educate yourself on the threats and vulnerabilities within your business and the steps you can take to protect your assets.

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