With a much higher percentage of businesses currently working remotely, the need for streamlined communication between team members is at an all-time high. Since some business haven’t had to face this obstacle until now, the searches for the best collaboration tool have skyrocketed.

An astonishing visual provided by Google Search shows a keyword search history for both Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting which have spiked an unbelievable amount in the past month:

As users of Teams ourselves, we have been able to learn more about this tool than ever before while relying on it to keep our team connected.

We were able to have our very first group Teams meeting where we got to catch up AND see John’s sheep farm! :)

We’ve put together a few useful things we’ve learned over the past few weeks, so enjoy some neat Teams tips and features that you might not know about:


  • You can host up to 250 people in a Teams meeting
  • You can pin the users that you want to see at all times – by default, the host of the meeting is always visible
  • If you choose to record your meeting, a link to the video will be automatically sent to your email after the meeting concludes
  • You can invite users who do not have Teams to meetings as guests – this includes your vendors and clients who may not have Office 365
  • Live audio transcript/captions
  • Live background blur
  • Whiteboard masking so views aren’t obstructed


  • Though you can’t see all participants at once, the software will display whoever is talking
  • If you don’t have a webcam (especially with them being in high demand right now), you can use the Teams App on your phone to use your phone’s camera. Note: Holding your phone camera vertically may cause you display zoomed in to those who are using the desktop application


  • You can use the Teams App on your phone to call your team mates as if it were a regular phone call
  • You can conference in as many people as you need to on a call bridge within Teams
  • You can record phone calls the same as the video conferences

Are you still trying to decide if Teams makes sense for your business? Check out the key features:

Teams Features Summary

  • Group Chat
  • User @mentions
  • Presence Monitoring – Available, Busy, Away from Computer
  • Admin Access Controls
  • Custom Group Tabs
  • Chat/Instant Messaging
  • Chat Logging and History
  • Conversation Search
  • GIFs, Emojis, and Stickers
  • Notes
  • SharePoint File Integration
  • Office 365 App Integrations
  • Third-Party App Integrations
  • Video and Conference Call Capabilities
  • Calendar Invite Management and Scheduling
  • Meeting Recording

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