Is Your Website Secure? Find out what Google’s Website “Shaming” Means for Your Business and How to Keep Your Website Secure for Your Customers.

The Dangers of an Insecure Website

A website is a gateway for customers to connect to businesses, whether for online purchases or information. With the widespread theft of private information online, it’s important that businesses do everything possible to protect their customers – especially since criminals know where to look for vulnerabilities.

Being on a website that’s insecure can put you and your business in danger, whether you’re browsing or inputting personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or even simply your address. All of this information is at risk to be taken by someone who will steal from you or become a greater threat.

This is why taking steps to secure your website for your customers is crucial in today’s digital marketplace.

What Makes a Website Secure?

Website security is all about keeping the user and their sensitive data safe. Things such as Web Proxies and SSL Certificates help add layers of protection that keep this information out of the wrong hands.

SSL Certificates encrypt data, which makes the data unreadable to anyone other than the server where the information is being sent, as well as lock the ports of the database to keep others out.

Web Proxies act as a firewall for your website, essentially placing a “copy” of your website in front of the real thing so that any hacking attempts are made on the copy instead of your actual site.

Google’s Blatant Callout of Unsecured Websites

Google has decided to take a stance in the fight for a “More Secure Web” and is enacting a new feature that calls out non-secured websites.

As of January 2017, Google is beginning to implement a “Not Secure” warning in Google Chrome for any websites that do not have proper encryption and SSL Certificates:


Google’s long-term plan is to have a more menacing alert appear to show website owners the gravity of having a non-secure website, especially those that deal in private information:


Show Your Customers You Care About Their Security

Web security is a very serious matter and can be a deciding factor when someone is choosing to do business with a company. Taking a stand for security is important to us, and we are here to help your business.

AtNetPlus offers affordable SSL Certificates and Web Proxies in order to keep your website secure. If you choose to become a Managed Hosting client, these services are complimentary in your hosting package.

Join us in the fight for Internet Security and show your customers that you care about their private information.

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