Technology drives today’s business world, so working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is becoming essential to any small to medium business. But why do you need a Managed Service Provider? What benefits does it offer your business? AtNetPlus has the answers.

I’ve Heard of Managed Services, but What Does It Mean?

A Managed Service Provider maximizes uptime, increases security, and enables strategic planning through monitoring, maintaining, and managing your business IT network at a predictable cost. However, a Managed Services Provider like AtNetPlus wants to do more for your business than just network management. We want to give you peace-of-mind from your network. Your valuable time should be focused on what you do best – running your business.

We also understand that every business is unique, so we work with you to determine your business wants and needs. Combined with best practices and our own recommendations, we implement the best solutions for your business network.

What If I Already Have On-Staff IT…

If you have an on-staff IT technician, there may be cases where they may not be fully equipped or trained to handle all the new issues that emerge. That’s where a Managed Service Provider steps in. We understand the risks associated with the problems at hand and have developed the best processes to handle them. We are also a second set of eyes on the situation, allowing your on-staff IT technician to focus their attention on other important tasks. Instead of paying for additional training and extra time for your on-staff personnel, you can trust a Managed Service Provider to take care of your network.

Additionally, AtNetPlus takes a proactive approach to help predict or prevent problems. Foreseeing possible disasters can allow for preventive measures to be instituted before your network crashes or fails. If a failure should occur, the data we gather from the monitoring of your network gives a head start to troubleshooting the problem, reducing time to fix it. Without a Managed Service Provider, many network disasters are handled after they have already occurred, which often costs more money in the long run.

Think about the Business Value

With reduced downtime and minimized security threats that could take down your network, a Managed Service Provider can cost your business less money. Without Managed Services, costs will add up after a network failure. You may not have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place or tested backups, both valuable assets that could save your business time and money. Rather than spend extraneous costs on fixing the problem when it arises, you have a predictable and consistent monthly value when your network is being managed.

Now is the Time

Don’t let your business suffer the cost of being unprepared. Contact AtNetPlus to find how we can support your business network today.

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