Businesses are moving their data and technologies to cloud-based solutions. This means that if your business isn’t using the Cloud, it’s already behind – especially for your phone systems. It is time to migrate your business phones to a VoIP phone solution, but what does it mean for your business to migrate

Why Migrate to VoIP?

If you aren’t familiar with the term, VoIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP phone technology uses the Internet to connect phone calls and other communication tools instead of a traditional landline connection.

Using a VoIP phone solution not only creates a more collaborative work environment, it also increases communication and can save your business money.

Communication is Key

Thanks to our VoIP phone solutions, communication is now more mobile. The majority of us utilize smartphones on a regular basis, so the thought of being mobile isn’t new.  However, what about that work phone sitting on your desk that is collecting voicemail after voicemail as you work remotely a few times a week? Does that mean you are completely unreachable during those days?

Our VoIP phone solutions make working remotely no longer tedious. You can receive phone calls from your work phone to your smartphone (or any phone you use remotely) and also receive your voicemails through your email. You will never again miss a phone call when you are away from your desk.

Increase Collaboration in Your Business

Using a cloud-based phone system also allows for increased collaboration. Many companies in today’s market place have both in-office and remote workers, so keeping everyone connected and communicating can be a challenge. With our business phone solutions, employees can quickly and easily connect with video conferencing, instant messaging, high quality phone calls, and many other communication tools. The stronger the communication, the smoother a business runs.

Cut Costs and Save Money

Not only does using a VoIP phone solution increase communication and collaboration in the work place, it can help save your business money. Because the VoIP technology is cloud-based, you are no longer paying for separate landlines to connect your phone system. Although the overall cost of migrating depends on other factors, your business has the opportunity to start saving money.

Additionally, our VoIP phone solution grows with your business. When a small business decides to expand, the traditional phone system can take a toll. A new system has to be put into place to accommodate the business expansion, as many max out their systems capacity. Operations are then halted to allow employee training for the new system. Our business phone solution offers limitless scalability in a hybrid-cloud environment, so these types of problems won’t arise in the future.

Migrate Today

With our VoIP phone solutions, small businesses can grow and operate efficiently. Don’t lose your opportunity for better communication with your employees. It’s time to migrate.

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