The security of your business and data is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age. However, many organizations fail to recognize how crucial it is to proactively foster a positive security culture. Today, it’s no longer good enough for employers or employees to simply think of cybersecurity as an issue for the IT department to take care of. In fact, developing an awareness of the threats and taking basic precautions to ensure safety should be a fundamental part of everyone’s job description in 2023!

A strong security culture is about more than ensuring compliance with security regulations–it’s about inspiring people to value security, prioritize it, and take proactive steps to reduce risk. A secure environment is one in which staff feel well-equipped and supported to manage threats. This can involve equipping them with necessary training, emphasizing the importance of reporting problems, creating an atmosphere where collaboration between teams is encouraged, and integrating security as part of general operational dialogue in meetings or during onboarding. It all comes together to create a culture of trust that both educates employees on best practices while reinforcing the security policies needed to make the organization safer.

Steps to Create a Positive Security Culture in Your Organization

1. Create Simple, Transparent Information Security Policies

Information security policies and the procedures built on them are the foundation of an effective security culture. Security policies must not only be written, but also communicated, enforced, and supported by organizational structures. An employee security policy is of little use if employees aren’t aware of whom to report vulnerabilities to or what processes to follow. From top-level executives to frontline workers, ensure that your information security policies are clear and easy to understand.

2. Encourage Employee Education and Training

Every employee should have basic knowledge about cybersecurity risks, how they can protect themselves from threats, and what action needs to be taken when something goes wrong. This includes being aware of phishing emails as well as understanding how file-sharing protocols work. You should also create a culture where employees feel comfortable asking questions about cyber safety without fear of embarrassment—and make sure you provide resources to answer those questions accurately and promptly.

3. Lead By Example

Security starts at the top – if senior leaders don’t take cybersecurity seriously then neither will anyone else in the organization. That means leading by example by demonstrating best practices such as changing passwords regularly, using multifactor authentication wherever possible, and always being aware of emerging cyber threats such as ransomware or malware attacks. Additionally, ensure that all members of senior management have access to up-to-date training on cyber threats, so they are informed on current trends in malicious activity.

4. Promote Cybersecurity Awareness Across Your Business

Make sure all members of your team understand why cybersecurity is important – not only for protecting sensitive customer data but also for preserving trust with partners, suppliers, stakeholders, customers, etc., as well as avoiding hefty fines due to possible regulatory violations. Promoting awareness across your business can include everything from sending out regular newsletters with helpful tips for staying safe online to hosting internal events like “cybersecurity lunch & learns” with outside experts.

Where do I start?

Creating a positive company security culture can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re unsure where to start. The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this process alone. The AtNetPlus team understands the importance of a strong security culture and has the expertise to help you create one.

Our team can help you develop and implement a comprehensive security strategy that covers everything from employee education and training to incident response. Additionally, we provide advanced threat protection and proactive monitoring to help keep your systems and data safe.

In addition to the technical aspects of security, we can also help you with creating a culture of security awareness within your organization. This includes employee education and training and encouraging employees to report suspicious activity. By fostering a culture of security, you’ll not only be protecting your organization, but also empowering your employees to take an active role in keeping your company safe.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. For help creating a positive security culture for your Northeast Ohio business, contact us today!

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