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Preserve Your Legacy, Secure Your Future

Are you considering merging or selling your IT business? AtNetPlus is the reliable partner you need to navigate through the complexities of IT mergers and acquisitions.

We specialize in understanding the unique challenges faced by small IT companies, ensuring that your legacy remains intact while providing your clients with the reliable services they depend on. With our expertise and commitment to preserving what you’ve built, you can confidently take the next step toward a brighter future.

The AtNetPlus team, specialists in IT mergers and acquisitions, standing proudly in front of their Stow, OH office.


Why Choose AtNetPlus As Your Partner?

Honoring Your Business Legacy

At AtNetPlus, we understand the unique challenges faced by small IT businesses. Our mission is to acknowledge and enhance the great work you’ve already done. We don’t just acquire businesses; we respect their legacy and ensure that your hard work continues to thrive within our framework.

Financial Stability and Growth Opportunities

Partnering with AtNetPlus ensures greater financial stability and opens up new avenues for your business to flourish within a larger framework. Whether you’re looking to secure your financial future or are eager to see your business grow in new directions, we provide the platform and resources to make it happen.

Tailored Approach

We are proud to tailor each IT merger or acquisition to satisfy the requirements of both parties. This means ensuring your goals are achieved while maintaining the core of your business identity. Every business is unique, and so is our approach.

Seamless Transition

Our seasoned team guarantees a seamless transition, maintaining the relationships and services your clients depend on. By leveraging your business operation strengths within our extensive network, we ensure the changeover is smooth and beneficial for all involved.

Continued Excellence

We dedicate ourselves to upholding the highest standards of client service, mirroring your commitment to excellence. Your clients will continue to enjoy the exceptional, personalized assistance they expect, now enhanced by the added support and resources of AtNetPlus.

A Note From Our Owner:

At AtNetPlus, we recognize the increasing trend of private equity investors entering the MSP space. While this shift presents certain advantages, we firmly believe that the true essence and vitality of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are best preserved and nourished within the community of our peers.

Our industry’s strength lies in its capacity to innovate and deliver services uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. When PE firms take the reins, this intrinsic value risks being lost. Therefore, we are actively seeking IT business owners who share our commitment to preserving the integrity and spirit of our industry.

Partnering with AtNetPlus is more than just a business merger; it is a united stand for the future of MSPs. Together, we can protect what makes our industry exceptional and continue driving forward the client-focused services that are vital to our success.

If you are an MSP owner dedicated to upholding the standards of excellence and innovation that define our work, please reach out. Together, let’s commit to keeping MSPs in the hands of those who are genuinely passionate and knowledgeable, ensuring our industry’s continued growth and excellence.

  • Jay Mellon, CEO + Co-Founder of AtNetPlus
Jay Mellon, Co-Founder and CEO of AtNetPlus, focused at his desk in Stow, Ohio, showcasing leadership in IT mergers and acquisitions.


How Does M&A With AtNetPlus Work?


We start by getting to know your business, its strategic goals, legacy systems, and the challenges you face. This helps us create a customized, long-term plan for merging entities.


We enhance your current technology setup, making business processes more efficient and boosting overall performance.


We implement strong security measures to protect your business from cyber threats, ensuring your data remains safe and your systems stay resilient.


Our post integration support and strategic advice help your business grow. We enable you to use technology as a powerful tool to achieve your goals.


AtNetPlus IT Services

Managed IT + Security Services

Our Managed IT and Security Services ensure that your business network and computer systems run smoothly and securely, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best.

icon, co-managed it and security services

Co-Managed IT + Security Services

Our Co-Managed IT Services aim to bolster your existing IT department, not take them over. Partner with us for mutual growth, enhanced IT performance, and robust network security.

icon, AI Automation Services

AI Automation Services

Propel your business forward with powerful AI strategic planning and tools that streamline operations and boost efficiency.

icon, it project services

IT Project Services

Our IT Project Services transition your business from outdated systems to modern technologies. Stay ahead of the curve with network refreshes, industrial automation, and cloud computing.

icon, server

Data Backup + Disaster Recovery

Secure your business continuity with our reliable backup solutions and swift recovery protocols.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Jay Mellon


Jim Laber


Theresa Morris

Chief Revenue Officer

Cameron Stephen

Chief Experience + Technology Officer


About AtNetPlus

Jim Laber and Jay Mellon, co-founders of AtNetPlus in Stow, Ohio, embodying their commitment to IT mergers and acquisitions.

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