With tax time in full swing, it’s easy to get swept up in the chaos of this busy season. However, this chaos undoubtedly contributes to the uptick in email scams trying to take advantage of businesses.  We are here to help prevent this from affecting your business through education.

What Does This Phishing Scam Look Like?

These phishing attempts are based on an email requesting employee W2s or important business tax information. The attackers have gone to extreme lengths to make these scam emails look legitimate, even to the extent of using the actual name of the owner or CEO of a company.

The emails will often look like they are sent from a “personal” account such as a Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, or a domain that is very similar to a legitimate business, often only off by one letter, which can be easily overlooked.

In the moment, it’s easy to get caught up in emails that appear to be urgent requesting you send the tax information right away – which is exactly what they want. If you aren’t aware of these attacks, the personal information of your employees or your business can be stolen with just one email.

It’s dangerous thinking that your business would never be a target when a single target may only be a gateway towards a bigger pool of information.  It has been shown time and time again that small to medium-sized businesses are a key target for phishing attempts.

How can I prevent my business from being phished?

Email filters are great for filtering spam; however, some phishing emails can still slip through. The most effective method to protect your business is through End-User Security Awareness (EUSA) testing and training.

Knowledge is the best defense you have against not only these attackers, but also to protect from human error. It’s vital for each user to be able to identify the signs and know when not to click or respond to an email.

We Want to Help

AtNetPlus offers customizable End-User Security Awareness testing and training for your business. We administer the testing campaigns and generate reports to show who in your organization is falling for the fake phishing attempts.

With this data, you can target who needs more help identifying these phishing emails. Ongoing education is key in keeping your business safe while these attempts get harder to recognize.

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