We’ve all felt the impact of technology continuing to grow rapidly, and while it offers us capabilities beyond what we ever could’ve predicted, it does come at a cost. The more sensitive information that’s pumped into The Matrix, the more we are at risk if we’re not careful.

But let’s be honest, many fall into the routine of using passwords that are easy – even if doing so is a big security risk.

Passwords Out, Fingerprints In

Tech manufacturers are pushing a solution where everyone wins: fingerprint keys that are automatically read while your device is being used. The results are instant and arguably much more secure than using the same password for every account you have. This key would be unique to you and much harder to replicate.

Google has recently announced that they will be pushing this feature through for a billion Android devices following a statement they made on this matter. Along that same line, Apple also has been slowly implementing this feature – specifically for unlocking your phone or services like Apple Pay.

This technology could mean that big changes are coming for its users. Do you think finger prints will replace all passwords in the future?

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