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Three cheerful employees engaged in their work on computers, illustrating the positive and productive environment fostered by AtNetPlus through their effective web content filtering solutions.

We recognize the importance of keeping your team on track and sensitive information secure. Our Web Content Filtering ensures your team’s safety and productivity online. This tool gives you control over what your team can access, creating a safe and focused browsing environment.


With our filtering solutions, you can block websites and content that may harm your cybersecurity or distract your team from work. Customize your filters to align with your company’s needs and policies for a personalized browsing experience.

Enhance Your Digital Defenses with Confidence

Our Web Content Filtering solution protects employees from harmful or inappropriate online content such as malware, scams, or explicit material. By effectively blocking these categories, we significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks and establish a secure online environment for your business.

Customize Filtering Rules to Suit Your Needs

With our adaptable system, your business gains the power to restrict access to specific websites based on categories, keywords, and URL filtering. This level of control empowers you to shape the online content accessible to your team, ensuring compliance with your organization’s policies and priorities.

Boost Productivity by Eliminating Distractions

Bid farewell to social media distractions, online shopping, and non-work-related websites. Our flexible filtering options allow you to customize filters according to your company’s rules and priorities, fostering a focused and productive work environment for your employees.